Completes your care.

Even the most comprehensive benefit plans for your staff may not completely address all of your employees’ needs. Why not complement Aon BenefitsCARE with our value-added solution: Aon BenefitsPLUS?

Aon BenefitsPLUS is uniquely created to help employers like you provide uncompromising care for the people who matter the most – your employees. Leveraging on our vast experience in employee benefits and insurance, Aon BenefitsPLUS gives your staff assistance and advice on issues that are important to them and their families. They’ll discover smarter ways to meet their coverage needs, from choosing the appropriate Integrated Shield plan to taking up the most relevant protection for themselves and their families.

“ I’m young. I’m healthy. I’m active but you never know when a serious illness or accident will happen.”
“ I’m in the prime of my life but i have heavy commitments too. I need to make sure my family members are protected.”
“ I’m enjoying my retirement but i need watch out for my health. Need to make sure medical costs are within my means.”

What value does Aon BenefitsPLUS offer?

Happy employees are productive employees. That is why we have designed Aon BenefitsPLUS to offer a range of services that relieve common concerns faced by your staff.

We work with you to offer what your employees want by providing;

  • Objective advice from qualified advisers utilising our unique in-depth understanding of your Aon BenefitsCARE employee benefits package
  • A suite of products from various insurance partners to provide targeted solutions customised to meet specific needs
  • Hot Topic workshops, such as Medishield Life, that helps your staff understand the government’s new initiatives
  • Educational seminars on a broad range of savings and protection strategies and plans
  • Customised newsletters
  • Access to our comprehensive website containing educational articles of interest and product information

How much does Aon BenefitsPLUS cost?

We partner with you at no cost. It is a value-added service that Aon offers to all customers at no cost. We are committed to be a helpful extension of your HR function, and by addressing health, medical and insurance challenges faced by your employees and their families, we hope to an effective partner in helping you run a productive and efficient organisation.

To learn more about Aon BenefitsPLUS, call +65.6239.8757 today.