It’s as easy as ABC.

A comprehensive employee benefits programme is an essential tool for any organisation. Not only does it protect staff members whom you have trained and nurtured, it serves as a powerful incentive to attract, motivate and retain talent who are instrumental to your success.

For some organisations, such a programme may be out of reach. Perhaps you don’t have the time, or available resources. Maybe budget is a constraint. As a result, you decide to settle for less, compromising your business in the process.

At Aon, we don’t believe in compromises. We believe every business should be empowered with a productive, engaged workforce. No exceptions, however small your organisation might be.

In collaboration with AIA, we have created an innovative solution: the comprehensive yet highly accessible Aon BenefitsCARE programme.

What is Aon BenefitsCARE?

Aon BenefitsCARE is an employee benefits programme created specially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It offers comprehensive protection that is similar to those enjoyed by large organisations. Yet it is flexible, affordable and extraordinarily easy to enrol.

No large group requirements. No fixed structured plans. You choose what you need and pay for the coverage that you have selected.

Aon BenefitsCARE. It’s as easy as ABC.


Why Aon BenefitsCARE?

Only two employees to start
You qualify for coverage with as few as two employees in your organisation.

Free to decide what suits you
With six flexible plans to choose from, you can enhance and tailor a plan to suit your needs, not to mention your budget.

Hassle-free application process
No tedious processes. Coverage begins the moment you complete and confirm your application.*

Standard premiums
Premiums are not based on age groups. The rate you pay applies to all employees under the same plan.

No co-payment at panel/non-panel GPs and Specialists
No cash is required when your employees visit our panel of GPs. Our plan even reimburses up to a capped amount for costs incurred at clinics that are not within our panel. For Specialists on our panel, simply pay first and submit the claim for reimbursement. (Subject to limits and referral from GPs.)

Covers pre-existing illnesses
Your medical plan covers pre-existing conditions as long as your staff have been under the plan for 12 continuous months.

Covers mature employees
Even mature staff of up to 70 years old will enjoy coverage. Upon renewal, the limit extends to 75 years old.*

Medical plans coverage for staff families
A rewarding incentive for the families of your staff, and it is available to you at competitive rates.

Support is always available
Besides a dedicated email, our committed team is reachable 24/7 through our hotline. Assistance is always at hand, especially during an emergency.Plus, your HR will have direct access to AIA for administrative needs such as employee movements, underwriting and billing enquiries.

* Subject to terms and conditions.